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Gates Hall 345, Cornell.
Ithaca, NY

Hadi AlZayer

I am a second year MS student in the Computer Science department at Cornell, advised by Kavita Bala and Bharath Hariharan. My interests are in Computer Vision and Graphics.

Eariler, I completed a BS at Cornell, with a double major in Computer Science & Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Math minor.

I am actively seeking PhD advisors for Fall 2022.


Work Experience

  • Apple (Summer 2021)
    ML Engineering Intern

  • Baidu AI Research (Summer 2019)
    Research Intern

  • MediVis (Summer 2018)
    Software Engineering Intern


  • Clearpath Robotics covered our autonomous photography project here!


  • Endurance Activities: I believe that endurance activities are perfect for condinitioning the mind to handle any challenges in life. Here is a list of some of my recent activities:
  •   [11/20/2021] JFK 50 Mile run
  •   [10/11/2021] Biking up Whiteface Mountain
  •   [09/04/2021] Lake George Half-IRONMAN distance triathlon
  •   [07/10/2021] Mt. Hood 50k run